WATCH Chris Matthews politically decapitate Sen. Watson

“A fantastically awkward mix of dead air,
stuttering, laughter and repetition ensued.”

– Huffington Post

“It was not pretty.”
– Texas Observer

“It was about as awkward a moment as
I've seen on tv in a long time.”

– The Plank

“Sen. Kirk Watson Pummeled On National TV”
– Ground Report

Well, when it happened last night, I wrote the post below. Karma is a bitch, it's just too bad that it has to make a presidential candidate look bad.

Sen. Kirk Watson is a snake.
In October, Sen. Kirk Watson voted to ignore the public and divert nearly a Billion tax dollars to convert portions of Austin existing freeways (183, 290W, 290E, 71E, and 71W) into tollways.

This double tax, of tolling drivers to use public expressways to drive to work, school and shop, benefits Watson contributors, developers he was hired to lobby for and the City of Austin, who pays Watson $450 an hour to do land deals.


Anonymous said...

Watson, read wikipedia next time:

As a state legislator, Obama gained bipartisan support for legislation reforming ethics and health care laws.[34] He sponsored a law enhancing tax credits for low-income workers, negotiated welfare reform, and promoted increased subsidies for childcare.[35] Obama also led the passage of legislation mandating videotaping of homicide interrogations, and a law to monitor racial profiling by requiring police to record the race of drivers they stopped.[35] During his 2004 general election campaign for U.S. Senate, he won the endorsement of the Illinois Fraternal Order of Police, whose president credited Obama for his active engagement with police organizations in enacting death penalty reforms.[36] He was criticized by rival pro-choice candidates in the Democratic primary and by his Republican pro-life opponent in the general election for a series of "present" or "no" votes on late-term abortion and parental notification issues.[37

Anonymous said...

This was so embarrasing I had to look away because i was embarrassed for him. If I were Obama, I'd send someone down to bitch slap Watson. Citizens of Texas, run this chump out the door. This is the level of incompetency that is making huge decisions that will impact your life for years to come.

Obama, shame on you for not knowing what he was goint to say. You need to prep these people!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Obama has actually accomplished some things, that’s not the problem.

To stump for a presidential candidate-as a politician/candidate himself-it’s ludicrous for him not to already have a prepared 2 or 3 talking points on WHY we should support that candidate. He should have already been saying as much in preceding speeches/interviews.

Senator, I’ll leave it to the Obama folks to spank you for the damage you’ve done to the campaign; but as a now-national spokesperson from our state, I just think you owe Texans an apology for promoting the image that we’re all just smiling buffoons pretending to matter in the debate.

Anonymous said...

Obama is an anti-NAFTA guy with all the job losses in the Midwest. Was this an act of deliberate sabotage??

Anonymous said...

This goes to show you what an incompetent SCUMBAG this guy really is. And remember that old post where Sal showed pictures of his house?? See how dirty, ugly, and unkept it was? I mean this guy is supposed to be in public office for krissakes!! How can he represent the public when he can't even come prepared for an interview or keep his house looking decent? And now his sorry ass wants to take a whopping 5 of our existing Austin highways and convert them to tollways, going AGAINST the public majority?!??!?!?! Very sad indeed!!!