Peters Pushes PPP

Transportation Secretary Mary Peters, of the Bush administration, uses pretzel logic and the 'war on terror' to push $400 billion network of privately funded toll roads and bridges in this AP report.

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Anonymous said...

In this article, Sec. Mary Peters says, "...foreign infrastructure investments, particularly in Afghanistan and Iraq, had played a significant role in keeping the United States safe from terrorists." The U.S. is building FREEWAYS in Iraq and Afghanistan, so that our military vehicles will be safe from terrorists?!? Basically, what the Bush administration has advocated is using OUR tax dollars to make a nice FREE highway for the Iraqis and Afghans to use, once our military has ended the conflicts in these countries. How lovely for all these FOREIGN citizens...while we Americans continue to sit in heavy traffic, drive across unsafe bridges, have chunks of highway falling out of overpasses, etc. From George Bush and Sec. Peters, to Gov. Perry and Tom Craddick, to Kirk Watson, Brewster McCracken, and Gerald Daugherty...there is a lot of twisted mentality as to how this country/state/city should best benefit U.S./Texas/Austin citizens by providing US with FREEWAYS so we can be safe too. Afterall, we are the ones who have paid for the right-of-way, the current roadway construction material, and the constant (however shoddy) maintenance of the road, by pumping gas into our tank, aka gas-tax money.