Are TxTAG Drivers Being Tracked, EVEN WHEN NOT ON TOLL ROADS?

By TheNewspaper.com editor

The New Jersey Department of Transportation uses E-ZPass to track the movements of motorists even when not on toll roads.
Drivers who use E-ZPass toll transponders are having their movements recorded even when driving on free public roads. New Jersey Star-Ledger columnist Paul Mulshine confirmed that the state's department of transportation uses E-ZPass scanners to know when, for example, a motorist drives to the mall on Route 24 in the Short Hills area.

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Anonymous said...

Great. Another way to see who's been cheating on who. Politicians probably use this to see where their wives are and at what time and then avoid those areas when looking for hookers. The only agencies that should have access to this kind of information are the police department, TSA, and FBI to track the movement of sex offenders, violent criminals, felons, and real terrorist threats.

Anonymous said...

Most likely - Houston Transtar has been using HCTRA EZ Tags for over a decade to gather speed and flow data on Houston roadways.


Anonymous said...

GREAT! Big Brother is getting even bigger...when is enough, enough, America?

Anonymous said...

Continuation to my prior post, post #1: Aren't ankle bracelets more effective at tracking criminals? Even if the FBI et all had access to this info, why a toll tag? One tracking device is enough. Toll tags will be used to track innocent people.

Anonymous said...

Yes. Transtar uses the EzTAGs to track traffic. That is how it gathers the information to put on the board to tell you it is 20 minutes to a certian point (or 1 hour if you are on 290) and is why they gave them away to Compaq employees when they started. They don't track particular vehicles and to my knowledge don't use it track down criminals (ie stolen car). The sensors are on the freeways but not the surface streets.