Governor Perry to appear on Hannity & Colmes tonight!

I broke the news first about Gov. Rick Perry's book some weeks ago.

The book is called, "On My Honor". It's about Perry's experience in the boy scouts. Maybe the target audience is former boy scouts who are now con men pretending to be conservative Republicans?

Anywho, Mr. 39%, er, I mean Gov. Rick Perry will appear on Hannity & Colmes tonight to push his new book. Do you think they will ask Perry about Sen. Kirk Watson's national gaff? I'll bet they shame Watson a tad more more, if that is even possible.


Anonymous said...

Perry and Boy Scout values? The ultimate oxymoron. Would be laughable, except for his dishonesty in suggesting he and the virtues extolled by Scouting have anything in common.

Anonymous said...

Conservative Republican or Progressive Democrat...who gives a flip what they are. Corruption is corruption by any color. The citizens of Texas along both party lines know deceit when they see it and are rising up to condemn the shenannigans that are being rammed down our throats. I'm proud of our state right now.

Anonymous said...

The scouts have been able to withstand assaults from LULAC & the homos. Can they survive Perry being their friend?

Country Golfer said...

Fellow Texans,

The following quotes were taken directly from the text of Rick Perry’s speech to CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) in February of 2008, as posted on his web site:

“I have long believed that transparency and accountability are things that government wants the least but needs the most.”

“By and large, decisions made under cover of darkness, far from the challenging gaze of accountability, are the ones that get people in trouble. Our government at every level operates in the dark entirely too often.”

“In Texas, we have been banging the drum for transparency and accountability for quite a while and I believe we’ve made some headway.”

“At every level, we need true conservatives that will fight for deeper tax cuts, greater spending restraint, and increased transparency so that taxpayers can see in the light –of- day exactly what their government is up to.”

Read his comments carefully, and then consider these facts:
• Rick Perry is the architect of the Trans Texas Corridor, the legislation for which was buried in a bill in Austin, and then rammed down the throats of the people of Texas without their involvement. It has turned out to be one of the biggest cover-ups in Texas political history!
• An Austin TV station reported that while the Governor’s Mansion is being remodeled, Rick rented a little hacienda in West Austin for him and his family, for $9900 per month of taxpayer money!
• Rick is traveling to other states, representing us, the people of Texas, preaching the gospel about truth and transparency in government, just as he did at CPAC!

I have yet to see Rick on TV or at Town Hall meetings, being open and transparent about the TTC and the privatization and tolling of our highways, and why he believes in those.
I wonder why.............................

Sure makes me proud to be a conservative!

A voice from Pierce