Bell County Officials: Ready To Fight TxDOT in Court

Bell County officials are ready to file a lawsuit to stop the TTC.

Bell County met with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) this week about the Trans-Texas Corridor cutting through their towns. The officials met to discuss concerns with the Corridor’s Draft Environmental Impact Statement and TxDOTs failure to listen to the public, according to the Temple Daily Telegram:

The officials spent more than two hours expressing concerns. And, they made it clear, they are prepared to fight TxDOT in a legal battle if necessary.

Fred Kelly Grant, an attorney who serves as advisor to the commission, told the EPA representatives they should use their powers of persuasion with TxDOT, “so we don’t all end up in court.”

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Anonymous said...

Good for them. I have family in that area that could have their land separated if this project moves forward.