Millionaire Factory Gobbles up Media, Toll Roads

"Millionaire Factory (Macquarie) Gobbles up Media, Toll Roads" says Texas Observer.

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Anonymous said...

"Absurd and incorrect" my eye. Those bought up newspapers are just part of The Consolidation of everything in the USA and the world. The media is totally owned by our controllers.

Jim Cramer said Macquarie Bank Division practiced business and accounting like Enron and was not a good investment bet. He implied Macquarie was about to go bust. I hope. Somehow though the really big money guys at the top seem immune to economy downturns and in fact may be manipulating them for their own purposes.

One good thing about the economy meltdpwn in Texas, USA, and world is that it could be destroying the financial foundation of all these "deals" for corridors and toll roads.

All the rationale for the toll road deals and plans makes less and less sense to more and more people everyday.