Sen. Kirk Watson "Hardballed" T-Shirt!


Sen. Kirk Watson's embarrassing "Deer-in-the-headlights" moment on Chris Matthews Hardball is now imprinted into our national culture (order your T-shirt by clicking on the link below) - after millions of people across the nation has seen video of Kirk Watson depth. A Barack Obama supporter, Watson was unable to name one of Obama's accomplishments on MSNBC on 2/26/08, after Chris Matthews put him on the spot. This crushing national blunder was reported on nearly every major news outlet in the country. Watson will forever be known for his national flub.

Hillary Clinton even mentioned Watson's gaff in the Austin, Texas presidential debate on 2/28/08, as Watson had the nuts to show up and sit in the audience. Locally, Watson is known for being a polished special interest politician who just recently voted to divert nearly $1 billion tax dollars to shift Austin's freeways to toll roads. A massively unpopular double tax.

Now, you can capture this now famous moment by getting your own Kirk Watson "Hardballed" T-Shirt - right HERE on Cafe Press!

KVUE's "Hardballed" T-shirt article on Political Blog!


Anonymous said...


You nailed it on the head the other day with the karma thing. His arrogance and greed is the cause of this whole farce. Obviously, he doesn't have a working knowledge of the players in his own party. He is just there to cater to the "constituents" with something to offer Kirk.

He is not unlike a titty dancer prowling her club looking for daddy warbucks. No regard for civility, character or self-respect. It's all about the money and nothing else.

Straight and simple, this is the type of politician that would sell his own people down the river for a buck. Hell, he'd turn his wife out for the right place.

Gotta wonder how these guys look at themselves in the mirror......wait that's easy. When you are vain and rich and powerful you become ultra- narcissistic. Look how he was cavalierly blowing off his huge gaffe on TV.

He's a legend in his own mind. That will change when he is kicked to the curb.

Sal Costello Sal@TexasTollParty.com said...

You are 100% right.

Kirk is way too smooth for his own good!

If he's exposed enough now, we'll attract a viable opponent to get him retired in 2010/2011!

Sal Costello Sal@TexasTollParty.com said...

Hey folks, I see you are piling on Mr. 39% in the poll...thats OK, but share the love a little....would ya?

Let the crooks know we despise them all.


Anonymous said...

Gosh Sal, you know if you had an all the above box, THAT would be 100%

Anonymous said...

Great T Sal - I'll be getting an XL!

Anonymous said...

Regarding the KVET FM radio ad I heard yesterday about identifying CTRMA as the initiating party inviting the public to the HEB Plus in Wimberly this Saturday for a party celebrating the store, apparently did not remember the name of the city correctly. HEB contacted me this morning and told me they do not have an HEB Plus store in Wimberley. I apologized and told them I was not sure of the city but thought it was somewhere in the Taylor area, but that the ad was definitely broadcast on KVET FM 98.1. They thanked me and said they would be checking into the report.

The fact is, though, that an advertisement identified CTRMA as having a contest for TxTag sales, limiting the chances for winning to only TxTag holders. I am well aware that CTRMA has no laws legally preventing them from advertising in this manner, but am also aware that our Constitution was never meant to allow Government entities to not be held accountable to the taxpayers. The Constitutional amendments that passed with less than 55 percent approval never allowed for taxpayers to lose control of Government. Just why has non-accountability become an accepted thing?

Anonymous said...

CTRMA contest for TxTag:

Correction again. Sorry. The day is this Sunday and the city is Leander

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a Mike Heileginstein game plan. He is such a genius. In fact he is one of the smartest crook...er...non-elected politicians around. Just ask him. Oh yeah, he is also a savvy businessman. LOL