CNN Letdown

CNN didn't pose the TTC/Nafta question at the debate, as they suggested to Linda Curtis in the article below. That is a major disappointment, to us, and Lou Dobbs, who was also very vocal and eager to hear the question asked.

So, how do we get these candidates to face this issue? Let's hear your creative ideas - in the comment area below.


Anonymous said...

The YouTube debates might have been a better way to ask the TTC question- but I think those are done now.

Perhaps the best forum will be the debates during the general election. I will be absolutely shocked if by the time a winner is declared in November that neither (and maybe a 3rd party) does not address the TTC/NAFTA corridor issue.

We need to catch these people in a public Q & A forum and just sneak the question in there.

Anonymous said...

My guess is that this is an issue that is not one of the typical national issues that presidential elections are hinged on. It is a Texas issue as far as they are concerned. What they don't understand is that this is an emotionally charged, majority issue, that can sway votes that really count in the national election.

It also has ramificatiojns for the rest of the states when and if toll issues come up in the future. Those politicians in other states should take note of the public angst against these toll schemes.

The problem is, all politicians are whores who cow to the special interests that get them elected. It would be interesting to see what money has been delivered to candidates by the toller fascists.

This issue must come up before the candidates when they are stumping here this year. I would suggest that all ant-tollers write to their candidate of choice urging them to be against this scam or it will cost them a vote.

Anonymous said...

I think since the toll roads (TTC's) are directly tied to NAFTA traffic, that it is very unusual to not ask where these candidates stand on "free trade". I do not think I have heard a word from either one on how free trade agreements should be handled and how this affects our middle class. What is wrong with posing the question "where do you stand on free trade between the US and other countries and what do you see as the future of free trade, considering some of the problems that have arisen" Transportation has to be an integral part of free trade - which brings us to the TTC.

Sal Costello Sal@TexasTollParty.com said...



Send a letter to the editor. 150 words or less, make sure you call the TTC:

"Gov. Perry's TTC land grab"

Include your name, address and phone number for verification!

If you get your letter in you can educate thousands of people!