Texans Ready to Bear Arms.

There Will Be Blood.

Texans say they are ready to bear arms and protect their property from land grabbing "terrorists" (TxDOT). The line has been drawn in the sand for what might be called the "TTC land grab war".

Texans are being pushed into a corner, as TxDOT continues to ignore 99.9% of Texans who oppose Gov. Rick Perry's Trans Texas Corridor land grab (NAFTA Super Highway).

Texans are now saying they will use firepower to protect their land says the Lufkin Daily News:
Some compared Gov. Rick Perry to Bin Laden, arguing the government was terrorizing the Texas people, while many more voiced fears that such a massive corridor would serve as one big target for terrorists.

"This is a terrorist's dream," said T.J. McFarlen of Trinity County. "One hit could cripple our state.."

McFarlen added that his father had always told him there were two things he should never sell — his land and his gun.

"If you come after my land I will show you the working end of my gun,"
McFarlen said. Others voiced the same threat.


Anonymous said...

As stated, Texans are being pushed into a corner. Some representatives are making efforts to bring some sanity to this process. But, it keeps going back to the same basic problem. This provides NO benefit for the majority of Texans, will lengthen commute times of persons living near the corridor (unless lucky enough to be by an overpass), increase fuel consumption, make land adjacent to the corridor virtually worthless, and place further tax burdens on the counties that it bisects (taking away land, having to ante up for any overpasses, etc.), not to mention the end result being a terrorists dream. If the energy that has been spent cussing and discussing this corridor had been spent on addressing the widening of existing interstates, and building "loop arounds" the cities as necessary, we would be well on the way to solving the problem and even have a large amount of public support in doing it. I do not think the public has grasped the concept of a wide ribbon of largely unaccessible "transportation" property slicing through various Texas counties, like Trinity. Losing approximately 6,000 acres, displacing people, making transportation a lot more difficult, and not even providing an entrance or exit to the corridor. Now, tell me one thing that benefits that county? Giving kids something to do like count cars and trucks and trains for entertainment? Am not sure if I can think of anything less logical, yet many of our representatives lack the spine to "just say hell no", join ranks, and force the issue, no matter to what level it has to be taken. Texas was built by people with spine and initiative and will be destroyed by special interests and spineless politicians. Seems like a hero would emerge from this somewhere. Sure wouldn't have any problem getting public support.

Anonymous said...

One step on my property and I will prove my resolve!

Anonymous said...

So how much farmland is going to be destroyed and sold? Don't people realize you can't eat money?

Anonymous said...

The people behind this only see money. They dont care about people being fed. This has nothing to do with the good of the community, so why would they care if it makes it harder for everyone else. Its all about greed.

Anonymous said...

We as Americans and Texans, must look back to our forefathers that came here to secure a future for themselves and the generations following. We absolutely cannot allow this to continue to happen without resistance. We must all unite. Neighbors must begin to start helping each other again. Our government is starting to show the true earmarks of totalitarian rule, which must be met with equal resolve.