More Pigs at The Trough

"Pinnacle Technical Resources" and "My Plates" fight over contracts worth tens of millions of dollars for specialty license plates says Dallas News. I wonder what politicos (or spouses) own interests in these companies - oh yeah, companies don't have to share that information with the public.


Anonymous said...

Contact the ACLU or another organization that fights for minorities' rights and get this smeared all over the newspapers.

Anonymous said...

Pinnacle is shotgunning bids trying to pick up business of any kind hoping the State is oblivious to their complete lack of qualifications for the work. They figure (correctly, most times), procurement organizations will be blinded by their shiny Minority Woman-Owned business certificate. Would they even be in the running otherwise? Here's their website: http://www.pinnacle1.com/ I guess I missed the section where they discuss their expertise in the speciality license plate business. But I guess anyone can do it, right?