BREAKING NEWS: Searing Depostions for TxDOT Scheduled This Week.

TxDOTs hot seat gets even hotter this week, as key players are being be forced to give testimony. Remember that TURF lawsuit against TxDOT for spending millions of our tax dollars on selling us toll roads? Key TxDOT employees have been ordered by the judge to give recorded sworn depositions this week:

Amadeo Saenz, TxDOT Executive Director and Helen Havelka, Keep Texas Moving honcho will be under oath on Thursday.

Ted Houghton, Texas Transportation Commissioner and Coby Chase , Public Affairs Director - Friday.


Nathan M. Hansen said...

Keep it up Texas! Awesome.

Anonymous said...

I really hope they ask substantive and probing questions... have the government work FOR us instead of the usual reverse.

Anonymous said...

Kick out the incumbents.
I spoke with him a few months ago. Had a conversation about toll roads in Austin. He sees the Perry toll road fiasco as we do- a money-grabbing sham to benefit Perry constituents. Although he said he's not opposed to all toll roads in a general sense (too bad), he seemed to strongly agree that the way they're done in Austin is a ripoff.

Misc said...

This is going to be good. These people will be squirming in their seats like a Preparation H commercial.

Anonymous said...

"a money-grabbing sham to benefit Perry constituents."

Yes, it is that but oh so much more.

There is a grand scheme to eliminate private property rights of citizens. It is grand plan being implemented pervasivly and on a grand scale throughout every facet of society.

One of the bottom-line manifestations of this grand plan is to CONTROL the citizen. If they divide up the areas of our state with all these roads and regional planning groups, then of course the people become much easier to control in these geographic segments.

Another major feature of the grand plan is to redistribute the wealth of the American middle class citizen. In other words, America is to be made into a third world hell hole like Mexico with a few billionaire elites in control over all the unwashed masses.

The toll road and corridor problem must be correctly diagnosed by our lawmakers for the problem to be solved.

At the risk of being not posted or told to "stop the pessimism", I think the system sucks and should not be worked within. The good actions must be against the system from the outside.

Anonymous said...

Incumbents' complicit complacency has/is part of the white collar tolling crime against the common good. Are incumbents again grandstanding as they did last spring in-session producing ineffective legislation to thwart Perry's TxDOT toll policies? Incumbents such as Corona need to get the message they too are to be held accountable! IMPEACH PERRY (sooner than later)!