Numerous Cemeteries to be Desecrated by Vandals (Texas Department of Transportation)

It should be no surprise. TxDOT has no respect for the living,
so why would they have any respect for the dead?

The desecration of historic cemeteries, unmarked graves and prehistoric camps dating back many generations isn't a problem for Gov. Rick Perry's TxDOT, as they force their Spanish Trans Texas Corridor (TTC) land grab on Texans. From the Victoria Advocate:
"It’s going to take years to excavate these sites,” said Bill Birmingham, an archaeology steward for the Texas Historical Commission. “The best thing would be to preserve them for future research.”

The threat has sent the historians and archaeologists scurrying to locate and map as many of these sites as possible. That information will then be presented at the Texas Department of Transportation."


Anonymous said...

This is reason number 300 why this whole TTC is bad juju. Number 1, first and foremost, it goes against the WILL of the people. This great country of ours, whose freedom has been bought and paid for by the blood of our Sailors, Airmen , Soldiers and Marines, will not die so that the will of the "powers at be" would become law.

This is a sick state. It is time that the reputation of the great state of Texas was restored by those that recognize and respect the laws that dictate the way that our life is directed.

Unfortunately, the will of the scheming demon whores who control policy in this state are bastardizing the ideals that made us great.

The independent voices from all areas of Texas who despise this debacle are rising up to voice the angst of a collective group of freedom lovers that will never bow to a greedy few in power.

Sal Costello will bring you to your knees. Your day of reckoning is coming sooner than you think......

Anonymous said...

That's right...F u mfers...

Greed and corruption will destroy u

Anonymous said...

Rick Perry is a Whore to special interests.

Everybody in Austin knows that.

What's new??

Rick, your legacy is in tune with Satan. You are trying to sell your citizens to a foreign country. You should be in an orange jumpsuit.

Anonymous said...

9500 years??

Get the numbers right!!

Sal Costello Sal@TexasTollParty.com said...

YUP, "9,500 YEARS".

Click the link for the article and see what they say:

"Unmarked graves with the remains of Victoria County’s pioneers and prehistoric camps and burials dating back 9,500 years dot the countryside."

Anonymous said...

Yes, we are finding out about some very historic gravesites in Trinity County that are in the path of this thing. Not to mention a pre-historic oyster reef along White Rock Creek (12-18 inch fossils) that have been carbon dated to 50 million years.

Sal Costello Sal@TexasTollParty.com said...

The post above is EXACTLY why it is so important to get letters to the editor in your paper.

And, make sure you call it "Gov. Rick Perry's TTC" in the letter.


Anonymous said...

For breach of public trust IMPEACH incumbent Texas governor "Mr. 39%, King Dick" PERRY, a political Judas whose work ethics allowed time to write a book while reigning and issuing futile edicts over constituent Texans! says Dan Jasinski