TxDOT F***s Up Bridge Estimate: Costs Taxpayers 300% More

Gov. Perry's TxDOT just keeps screwing up. TxDOT failed to give a correct estimate for a bridge in San Antonio, as the bridge ends up costing Three (3) times as much as estimated. And, TxDOT could not care less.

TxDOT claimed it would cost $6.5 million dollars to build the bridge, and we now find out it costs $20 million! TRIPLE THE AMOUNT! Sure they are incompetent, but there must be a few TxDOT employees getting a taste of the millions of tax dollars they toss around like last weeks trash. From WOAI:

"TxDoT says its engineers did not realize the project is in the 100 year flood plain."
And what does the TxDOT engineer Clay Smith say about taxpayers paying three times as much as planned for the bridge?
"It costs what it costs," said Smith.
Is he channeling Ric Williamson or what? Bexar County Commissioner Lyle Larson chimes in:
"Anybody (who) saw the '98 floods when Macaroni Grill and Rudy's, all of those were washed out. There should have been some intuitive understanding that that area is prone to flooding," says Larson


Anonymous said...

TxDOT is like a daycare for retards!

Anonymous said...

I guess if the Corp of Engineers doesnt want you, you can always go to TxDOT

Anonymous said...

Prerequisite for working at TXDOT: must have criminal background, bad credit, and history of mental disorders.