CNN to ask TTC/NAFTA Question at Clinton/Obama Debate

Over the past week, CNN got swamped with emails from members of numerous anti-TTC citizen groups, which were clamoring for a debate question about the Trans Texas Corridor (TTC) for the upcoming presidential debate. The outpouring of emails were sent in hopes that the candidates, Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton, would share their positions on the TTC, one of the largest eminent domain land grabs in our history.

Linda Curtis of Independent Texans (one of the anti-TTC groups that spoke out) received an email from CNN today that stated:

“'you have a very loyal and active following, and we're getting hammered. Now, would you please allow us to get our work done.

We already have a question prepared for the Corridor and its relationship to NAFTA."
The Trans Texas Corridor (TTC) is a wildly unpopular plan of 4,000 miles of toll roads created by Gov. Rick Perry. The TTC ignores private property rights all across Texas, and the Comprehensive Development Agreements allow the deals to be secret. It will cost about $200 Billion dollars and half a million acres would be stolen from Texas families. The TTC is also known as the first phase of the "NAFTA Superhighway".

Read about the TTC HERE and find years of TTC news archives HERE.

Barack Obama has been slamming Hillary Clinton about her years of NAFTA support (which some estimate has cost the US over 1 Million jobs). Obama has been underscoring Clintons NAFTA stance on the campaign trail and via diract mail in Ohio. See and read the complete Obama mailer HERE.

The debate will be held at the Univeristy of Texas (UT) this Thursday night and will be broadcast live on CNN.


Anonymous said...

CNN needs to cross examine McCain on privatization as well. In particular, I'm curious where McCain stood and why when President "National Security (yeah right)" Bush tried to sell our ports to Dubai. McCain's stance on that issue would likely but not necessarily predict his position on the TTC.

Anonymous said...

Man, did you got suckered. "We already have a question prepared" was in no way a commitment to actually ask it.

Sal Costello Sal@TexasTollParty.com said...

Anonymous I didn't get suckered.
WE got suckered.

The fight is only over when we quit.

Get your thinking cap on and share your ideas in the post above.