Sen. Watson Tricks And Lies

I've been getting a lot of emails over the last couple of weeks. And it looks like Satan, uh, I mean to say, Sen. Kirk "Double Tax" Watson, has deceived Austinites yet again.

On the surface, it looks like Sen. Watson is fighting to stop Austin freeway tolls. But, nothing could be further from the truth. Watson continues to work hard to make sure his pals are rewarded with Billions of toll tax revenue, and no one else.

Under Sen. Watson leadership, CAMPO voted for the freeway tolling scheme, which diverts $910 million tax dollars, intended for freeways, just a couple months ago. Since then, Watson found out that TxDOT is trying to steal the toll roads back, for thier own special interest spanish pals, by privatizing them.

This is the equivalent of bank robbers fighting over who will get the loot.

In the Statesman this week:

Texas Transportation Commission members, said state Sen. Kirk Watson, D-Austin, "have an agenda. And that's to privatize the second-largest (highway) system in the world. And you are hell-bent-for-leather to do that."
The truly evil part of the toll plan is this: No city in the country has ever shifted it’s freeways to toll ways. Toll ways have always been built AFTER the public expressways were completed, to give people a choice between free expressways or toll ways. Most people don’t have a problem with those traditional types of toll roads.

The Perry/Watson double tax uses our tax dollars to create tolled expressway monopolies, which shift our public highways into revenue generating machines that will take in Billions of toll tax dollars.

Over the next 40 years, the Perry/Watson double will take in Billions of dollars in revenue. But, as Ben Wear just found out, MOST OF THE MONEY COLLECTED GOES TO TOLL ROAD SPECIAL INTERESTS.

For example, a TxDOT preliminary revenue analysis for only one of the toll roads - the new 290E toll, shows the toll authority plans to take in $625 Million, and 75% of that ($468 Million) is expected to go to special interest profiteers!

Since Perry’s waterboy Rep. Mike Krusee handed the reigns to Sen. Watson last year, Watson has led the charge on the CAMPO board to toll portions of 183, 290W, 290E, 71W and 71E with our tax dollars.

People, it doesn't matter if it's Spain is taking our families money at the toll booths or Sen. Kirk Watson's special interest pals. Our families will still pay Billions more.

You could ask Sen. Kirk Watson yourself (kirk.watson@senate.state.tx.us). But don’t expect a reply. He’s well known for not responding to peons, uh, I mean constituents.

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