Toll Roads MORE "DEFICIENT" Than Free Roads

After years of special interests claiming that a toll road is better maintained than a free road (because of it's revenue stream) it turns out NOT to be true. The Federal Highway Administration and a pro toll guru have crunched the numbers:

"41% of toll authority bridges around America are classed as "Deficient" versus 23% of bridges on highways owned by state departments of transportation."


Anonymous said...

The George Washington Bridge of New York is absolutely awful. Decrepit as hell and it costs $6 to cross in a car and you wait 45 minutes in line whether you have an EZ pass or not, just to get to the booth. I believe I read that rates are going up to $8 for cars. The idiots could make double the money if they added another deck or widened it to increase flow but tolling is all about profit from misery.

Steve said...

Yes, but notice one of the only three exceptions is in Texas.

the toll advocates will pounce on that one.