Reuters Reports TxDOT Audit

The great audit of TxDOT's fluffed up numbers (to support the TxDOT craving to toll our freeways) made national news! My favorite snips from the Reuters article:

"The transportation agency projected a $3.6 billion shortfall by 2015. But Lt Gov. David Dewhurst and Speaker Tom Craddick said it failed to include a total of $8 billion of transportation bonds and faulted its forecasts for higher maintenance costs."

"Texas has the nation's biggest privatization program -- a $50 billion multiyear plan -- that Republican Gov. Rick Perry says is needed to keep traffic from stalling growth.

But legislators enacted curbs last year that they say were needed to help prevent developers from enriching themselves at taxpayers' expenses.""The state auditor, asked if he would examine privatization issues in his review, replied: "We will look at what the letter asks us to and any other things that come to our attention."

"Keel, who is appointed by the Legislature, said his staff will aim to
finish the audit by the end of the state's fiscal year on Aug. 31.

The list of subjects that the House and the Senate, which Dewhurst controls, asked the auditor to probe included forecasts for higher maintenance costs that do not "seem to show a complete and accurate financial picture," they wrote."

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