TxDOT Releasing Death Grip on TTC-69?

There are some signs that TxDOT might be releasing it's death grip on one portion of the Trans Texas Corridor (TTC). The Longview News-Journal reports:

"...a high-ranking Texas Department of Transportation official said Thursday he regretted his agency's communication failures and said one proposed version of the corridor, a 10-lane super highway with rail and utility pathways, will "probably not" be built in East Texas, based on the overwhelming resistance to the idea expressed at public hearings on the project this month."
We've all seen the endings of the movies where the evil character (who everyone thought was dead), comes back to attack again. We'll just keep beating down on the toll tax loving TxDOT (and the politicos who enable them) till the pulse is gone - just to make sure.


DavyCrockett said...

Nope, I don't buy it. This is the old "bait and switch" tactic. Make 'em think that it's going somewhere else, be smaller or non-existent and a certain number of people will back off. I won't rest until all the planning documents are hanging out with the turds in the sewage lagoon.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. Politicians often try for something nobody wants and then everyone's relieved when only some of it is implemented when none of it should be implemented. Good cop bad cop tactic.

Anonymous said...

The best graphic I've seen that says it all. Tagged, Tracked and Taxed. The Toll Tax. I want a bumper sticker like this. All that's missing is a mug shot of Perry and Watson.