Where's The Beef?

While the Statesman produces uninteresting transportation puff pieces, the Houston Chronicle tells the story about the masses attending TTC public hearings across Texas and opposed to Rick Perry's TTC land grab.

The Statesman has endorsed the freeway to tollway conversion plan for Austin since 2004. They deleted my Statesman blog after only 3 months, because my blog, which stated facts about the double tax tolls, "was not in the best interest of the newspaper”, as stated by Statesman leadership.


Anonymous said...

Thanks to you, Sal, We've been successful at removing tolls from Texas highways. If any readers have relatives or friends on the east coast, forward this information. No tolls in anyone's backyard.

Reprinted from USA Today blog:

If you are against the Route 80 Tolls, please support the fight by signing the following epetition:


Anonymous said...

There's gotta be someone (or more than ONE) at the Statesman offices that's in cahoots with TXDOT, CTRMA, or CAMPO. I don't understand how they always seem to support the toll road initiatives. That editorial piece late last year mentioning that tolls were the only option for the CAMPO board was just sick. What kind of an idiot thinks it's appropriate to have like 10 tollways in a mid-sized city like Austin?? Forget the "live music capital..." we're now going to be the "toll road capital of the world"!!

Anonymous said...

The Statesman has for many many years worked against not only the toll roads but most all civil liberties issues.

They are NOT an example of what the free press is meant to provide to free citizens in a Constitutional republic.

Do not every pay a penny to a Statesman newspaper. They deliberately produce incorrect and misleading "news" and news commentary.

Sal Costello said...

I wouldn't give that rag a penny.

And you don't have to...get it for free online.

Anonymous said...

We need a real newspaper in this city...The Austin Chronicle is just as useless as AAS.