California Toll Agency Wants Power to Seize Cars (click to read)

This is what happens when the unelected (unaccountable) are in control and there are limited checks and balances.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that's the ultimate horror and absolute power gone awry- a private tolling company with direct, full access to your PAYCHECK. Not even credit card companies can dock a paycheck. It's the cardholder's choice to pay the balance.

The article mentions that many problems and unreasonably profitable penalties arise when the credit card tied to the toll account expires. Seems like that's the trend of many businesses in the US. Don't tell the customer when the card has expired. Slap a fine and immediately take the customer to collection instead. Gold's Gym and Blockbuster do this. These businesses should send a text message to your cell phone, email, mail, (whatever medium the customer chooses) immediately when there's a billing problem instead of taking such a backstabbing swipe. We should all work together to make honesty and up-front customer service a law.

Robert Jones said...

This article spells out what is wrong with our corrupt government - always finding ways to take more from my family.

They hide behind the complex bureaucracy they create - just to take and take and take from us.