Another County Concerned About TTC Land Grab

Trinity County officials are fighting mad over the Trans-Texas Corridor (TTC), according to the Trinity Standard. “I for one am not willing to sit back and let it gut this county,” said Suzanne Waller, chairman of the Trinity County Historical Commission (TCHC).


Anonymous said...

It is becoming more and more obvious that TxDOT has been giving the county officials the old mushroom treatment (keep them in the dark and feed them a bunch of crap). As time goes on, more and more of their TTC plans begin to see daylight and surprise county and state officials. I am glad that Trinity county realizes that TTC-69 won't do a thing for the county, as the NAFTA trucks just go whizzing by at taxpayer expense. When will someone step in and put an end to this nonsense. Why not go back to reality, raise the fuel tax and widen the roads they have on the existing right-of-ways? What are they saving the extra space for?

Gnacake said...

TTC-I69 is just another example of the ineptitude of Gov. Rick Perry in representing the people of the State of Texas. He has but one motive---lining his own pockets. This monster they call a super highway will effectively destroy our lives, property, and livelyhood in Trinity County. It has to be stopped now.
TxDOT has violated laws with Gov. Perry's blessing and encouragement. How long are we as Texans going to sit back and let him destroy our state?