Capitol Annex Burns Rep. Dawnna "Dirty" Dukes

Freeway toller Rep. Dawnna Dukes life just got a whole lot tougher, as Capitol Annex just outed her for number of corrupt and possibly illegal activities with Catellus. It's just a matter of time for the mainstream press, the DA and others to start digging deeper into dirty Dukes.

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Anonymous said...

This is just horrible.

I wonder when the voters of her east Austin district will wake up. Many of them are experiencing serious financial problems because of the economic situation, and yet their "elected" representative is on the take from the Republican hierarchy and is pushing through frivolous $22 million dollar handout to film makers and doing this under extreme and obvious conflict of interest.

I hope this woman will be indicted and go to jail, but that just does seem to happen to politicos who do wrong.

Our Perry appointed Texas Supreme Court Justice David Medina is in an even more incriminating and horrible situation.


If Dukes and Medina get a pass this time, we can pretty well write off any form of honor or integrity or justice is our Texas Just-Us system.