More Tolls Coming To Williamson County?

by wcnews

That’s what Ben Wear is reporting in today’s AAS, Williamson County, agency eye tollway proposal. It appears that former Precinct 1 Commissioner and current CTRMA Executive Director Mike Heiligenstein and current Precinct 1 Commissioner Lisa Birkman are cooking up a local toll plan for the precinct.

Read the rest of the article on EyeOnWilliamson news blog HERE.


Anonymous said...

I also just read this from the Austin UnAmerican Snakesman. Absolutely hilarious: 1.3 miles of toll road. LOL! What a joke! This is really starting to get silly. Every tiny little patch of road is now being considered for tolling. It was dumb enough that they were about to put a toll on the William Cannon 'bridge' in South Austin (A TOLL FOR A FRICKEN OVERPASS!!!) which was what, a mile or two??? Now this. Sickening man, just SICK. I cringe everytime I see a new Ben Wear article, because it's probably going to be about another planned toll road.

Sal Costello said...

Just another example of the CTRMA using millions of our tax dollars and right of way to tax us again.

Don't forget, toll roads cost a lot more to build and maintain than free roads.

So why would they want to do the toll roads? They make a lot of people richer, while our families pay and pay and pay.

Sal Costello said...

Could someone buy that toll tax parasite Heiligenstein a one way ticket to New Jersey please?

Porkus Maximus Tex: said...

You can just see their brains working:

"Wait a minute.. I got it.... What if we TOLL the road to the toll road?"

Why don't you just put a toll booth in everyone's driveway, Einstein.

mark said...

Birkman has a Democrat and Republican challenger.

(D)Mike Grimes - here's all I can find on this guy and he doesn't mention transportation. http://rrleader.com/main.asp?SectionID=1&SubSectionID=1&ArticleID=17894&TM=50183.86

(R)Steve Laukhuf - I received a flier from him about how Precinct 1 has only gotten 1.9 miles of new road from the bonds. His website says nothing about his stance on tolling. I've contacted him and am waiting a response.

North Austin/Wilco residents in Precinct 1 need to be more educated about Birkman. I don't think her toll road positions are well known and I don't think she's done a good job getting roads built in our congested area.