CTRMA Traps 20%

It's finally revealed that a portion of the CTRMA's first and only toll road to date (183A) is a bureaucratic nightmare. In an effort to force people to buy a TxTAG, a portion of the toll road has NO cash booths. The only way to pay properly for all sections of 183A has been to buy a TxTAG.

Since there are no cash booths, 20% of the toll road users were unable to pay and have been charged a violation penalty of $5 each, according to TRN:

Violations have been running about 20%, nine months after the pike opened.
KXAN exposes the toll authorities waste and disregard for what drivers pay, as they give out special interest contracts to pals:
According to the authority, roughly $150,000 is collected in fines and tolls from those violators every month, but it costs almost that much, $135,000, to do it.
That's a shocking amount of money per month! But hey, fat cat tollers like Gov. Rick Perry and Sen. Kirk Watson really don't care.

Now, the toll authority plans to pull the rest of the cash booths and do video tolling on 183A, according to KXAN:
Either you pay with a tag or with the help of cameras over the road, you get a twice-monthly bill in the mail for your tolls, plus 20 percent for expenses and $1 administrative fee per bill.
You'll pay a "Hefty" fine if you don't pay that video tolling bill says Ben Wear.

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Anonymous said...

This is not "inefficiency" or "bureaucratic" mismanagement.

I do not know why this is not called criminal activity.