Mr. 39% flies to Rudy Giuliani's Aid

Gov. Rick Perry has flown off to help floundering presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani (the only Governor in the country to endorse Rudy) and fellow TTC profiteer, according to the Fort Worth Star today. Perry didn't endorse Texas's own Ron Paul, who has beaten New York City Giuliani in nearly every state.


Anonymous said...

Like attracts like. Guiliani is a criminal and so is Rick Perry. Ron Paul is clearly the only honest candidate running for President and therefore, he and Rick Perry would be at opposite sides of the spectrum.

Anonymous said...

Perry thought he was betting on the winning horse back when Giuliani's national poll numbers were high. Well, it looks like he made the wrong bet, and that's a very good thing.

Having Perry as Secretary of Transportation would have been an ultimate nightmare scenario. I'm sure Perry is angling for VP, and his pet project would probably be highway privatization.

So we'll see happens Wednesday. But I'm feeling a lot better that the chance Perry will go to Washington to promote tolling on the national scale is getting closer to zero.

Anonymous said...

I actually like Giuliani alot. He really did a great deal to improve New York City. And although I've lived in Texas most of my life, I spent a little bit of time living in NYC during his tenure and saw this improvement firsthand. HOWEVER his ties to Rick Perry are completely unacceptable to me. They seem to be good buddies and Giuliani's law firm is pushing to get the TTC built. For these reasons I would never consider supporting Rudy Giuliani for president.