El Paso Times: Houghton could replace Ric Williamson as TxDOT chairman...

...while Texas Monthly's Paul Burka asks if Krusee will get the job.


Anonymous said...

Houghton said Williamson and Perry helped expand plans for the Inner Loop, which will connect Loop 375 to U.S. 54 and include a new entrance to Fort Bliss, from a $50 million project into a $350 million project. The new highway was a linchpin in the U.S. Department of Defense decision to transfer tens of thousands of soldiers to Fort Bliss.

"Without the collaboration of Ric Williamson and the governor, that would have never happened," Houghton said.

We have 24 million people in Texas, can someone explain to me how bringing more people to the state is beneficial? Politicians keep parroting this theme. Rep. Krusee talks about Dell building a plant out of state that would have employed ten thousand people. Again, how does having so many people move to Texas benefit the quality of life?

If we had fewer people, the toll road discussion wouldn't be happening.

Anonymous said...

"We have 24 million people in Texas, can someone explain to me how bringing more people to the state is beneficial? Politicians keep parroting this theme. "

They keep parroting a lot of nonsensical themes.

First of all, Ric Williamson spouted some statistics that projected huge population increases for Texas in the coming years that made it absolutely necessary to meet the demand with toll roads.

We have no verification of those population figures and I can guarantee you there are huge number os illegal aliens in Texas that are not included in any counts.

Supposedly it is good to have more industries more here and therefore more people move here because it is good for the Texas economy. I do not find that rational based in reality. Whole sectors of the economy are in precipitous decline including whole industries. The Texas economy is not flourishing and none of this propaganda for toll roads and TTC changes that bleak picture.

We already have increasing numbers of unemployed people and those rates are grossly underreported too. New people coming in to take new jobs does nothing for current unemployed Texans.

This Houghton guy may be talking a good talk, but if he gets appointed, I think it will be a Perry appointee and that probably means he will do Perry's bidding. I would say a close hard look at the business associations and dealings and records of any Perry appointee would have to be spread around big time to maybe stop Mr. Bilderberger 39% NAU Perry from doin to us again.

People of big bucks and heavy business/finance/development interests are anathema to quality highway and transportation services to Texans.

Anonymous said...

If those dumbasses would have built an efficient rail or monorail system from Round Rock to the airport to downtown rather than toll roads, Dell might have built another plant here. Toll roads create congestion and cost Dell and its employees more. Every employee needs a $5k/yr raise or more just to drive to work with toll roads. With efficient light rail featuring wireless internet access, Dell employees could take a pay cut- they'd keep their cars longer because they'd drive less and have an extra 1/2 to full hour of work while riding to work on the train. Other added benefits- less psychaitry bills, health care costs, etc. Rail is the answer, not toll roads.