Bat Pac Born to Fight City Hall - Jokers Really Show Up!

Here in Austin, Better Austin Today Political Action Committee (BAT PAC) was born this week, to fight City Hall and the special interests which control it. The main reason BAT PAC was formed is to remove elected officials from office (perhaps a focus on City of Austin council members) who fail to represent the people, and replace them with responsive leaders.

As the founder of PET PAC (AustinTollParty and TexasTollParty), I was invited to the big coming out party last Sunday night. It was exciting to see so many different citizen groups represented under one roof. Cars filled up the parking lot of the Moose building and stretched far up and down the street. It looked like it was a success, BUT I ALSO NOTICED SOMETHING VERY STRANGE.

Keep in mind this group was essentially created to remove and replace council members who have been major disappointments as they listen to special interest developers over the cries of our neighborhoods.

Well, to my shock, some real Jokers actually showed up to the BAT PAC party!

Only a shameless politico would have the nuts to come to a party that was created to remove them from office. Right?

Well that didn't stop Council members Mike Martinez and Lee Leffingwell, two of the biggest disappointments since Brewster McCracken was elected. Martinez and Leffingwell were there trying to blend in, but folks I talked to were also surprised to see them at this party. I also noticed the red headed female joker, Valinda Bolton, State Representative of District 47 was looking for babies to kiss. You know, Bolton promised to fight against freeway tolls during the election, then quickly removed herself from CAMPO and did nothing to stop them. Yup she was there.

It wasn’t all bad, one of the rare good guys was there, Elliott Naishtat, State Representative of District 47. Naishtat is a fantastic man, who always listens to the public and votes the right way. As a member of CAMPO he voted against Phase II freeway tolls every time, and his votes as a Rep show he's a rare breed on all other issues as well. We need to clone him and Eddie Rodriguez ASAP.

Brian Thompson, who is looking to dethrone toller Rep. Dawnna "Corrupt" Dukes (District 46), was there. Brian is against freeway tolls. He gave Dawnna a shutout this week with a massive-endorsement-bonanza (5-0!).

If you live in Dist 46, get a yard sign up for Brian Thompson HERE.

The Better Austin Today Political Action Committee (BAT PAC) website has this mission statement:

"...to help elect officials who are responsive and accountable to our community, through building a strong, diverse coalition, developing leaders and supporting candidates who share our vision for a better Austin today."
Jokers, get a clue.

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