BIG NEWS: More Tolls May Be Pulled From Austin Toll Plan.

Sen. Kirk Watson, who led the effort to divert nearly a Billion tax dollars to shift Austin's freeways to tollways last October, is already considering amending the toll tax plan, once he hears back from TxDOT - according to a new InFactDaily.com article called, "Watson waiting for answers on CAMPO spending plan".

So which tolls might be shaved off next?

On her website, Travis County Commissioner Sarah Eckhardt targets two "overbuilds", 290 West and 45SW, to be pulled from the plan:

"I suggest that the first two projects trimmed be 45SW and 290West. Most recognize that these two roads, as designed, are out-and-out over-builds. First, 45SW should be eliminated entirely. The project addresses future growth, while all others address current demand. Given the present crises, we cannot justify including 45SW. Second, every viable option for shrinking the Sasquatch-like footprint of 290 West should be explored, resulting in a significant trimming of its width, height and cost."

Since 2004, we've been able to shave many portions of the Austin freeway tolls from the plan, saving our communities hundreds of millions of dollars in double tax tolls. More roads may be pulled from the plan in the coming months, with many mounting problems pressuring crooked politicos. And, a couple very viable lawsuits we are planning could help nudge that process along.

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Anonymous said...

Sal, a while back you said the fun begins after the pigs make their final vote. You are correct! Plan can't be changed? BS! Captain Kirk W and his group of white-hatted fools (Take On Traffic Toll Lobby) lose again. Keep up the good work!