Gov. Perry's Book Release

Richard V., a pal of mine, sent me an email about Gov. Perry's sales pitch for a book he has coming out next month. Rick Perry, who calls himself a conservative, has been the lead force to toll tax funded freeways and the land grabbing TTC.

With only 39% of the voters selecting him to govern Texas last time around, I don't know how many people will shell out $30 on Perry's fabrications, when we get them for free almost daily from the press. Here's the email:


In the mail today came a newsletter from Perry announcing his book release in February….inside he touted his accomplishments in six categories, education, border, budget, economy, lawsuits, and…..transportation.

In the 80 or so words about his transportation record, not one mention of toll roads….instead, the emphasis was on local control. Hiding from his own record he would be…and that tolls have become, if not a third rail, at least a highly charged issue.

FYI and Happy New Year.
Tollers are known for pushing toll roads, without ever using the "T" word.

Sen. Kirk Watson, who lead the charge to divert $910 million tax dollars to shift more Austin freeways to tollways in October, almost never uses the word "toll" in his mass emails, and with the press.


Anonymous said...

I still like the preferred term, "managed lanes" the best! Ya gotta loce dem psychopaths!!!

"A rose is a rose is a rose... and so the story goes..."

Tolls are tolls!

Anonymous said...

My favorite is when they say there is no such thing as a "free" road. Only TAX roads or toll roads. Fine, then lets just make ALL roads toll roads. Even the one leading straight up to your house mister politico!! Let's toll ALL residential and arterial roads in addition to highways and expressways. No one likes taxes anyways right??? ALL taxes are bad right?????

Porkus Maximus Tex: said...

It's gonna be called "The Toll Road Less Traveled"