County judge: Who holds TxDOT inspectors accountable?

Where do all your taxpayer dollars go? They get flushed down the TxDOT unaccountable toilet. It looks like even inspectors are charging for work they are not doing, since TxDOT is too busy seeking to steal our roads and our land.

Angelina County
judge, Wes Suiter, asks about TxDOT accountability when it comes to inspectors...and says that inaccurate information is being disseminated to the public about the conditions of the county's bridges, in this Lufkin Daily News article:

"We've had some bridges that were supposedly inspected after they had been repaired, and we are getting the same report we got the inspection before that," Suiter said. "So I mean, what kind of accountability do we have on the people who are saying, 'I inspected this bridge'?"

Like the August report, the 2008 report contains several contradictions. For example, inspectors deemed several state-constructed bridges in Precinct 1 as hazardous or dangerous because they lacked a guard rail, while photographs reflected the presence of guardrails.

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Anonymous said...

Gee, it's about damn time officials start demanding answers to the same questions Sal Costello, Terri in SA, Peter Stern and others have been asking for years!

Hopefully now other politicos will jump on the anti-toll and TxDOT bandwagon.