VIDEO: TxDOT Admits They Hired Lobbyists (Violation of the law)!

At the packed Town Hall meeting in Hempstead on 1/22/08, TxDOT Commissioner Ted Houghton admitted TxDOT hired lobbyists to meet with county judges in the path of the Trans Texas Corridor TTC-69 as he defended the "necessity" of TxDOT hiring lobbyists to "lobby" elected officials (he used the word "lobby" multiple times). Scroll down to 1/22/08 to see the TURF lawsuit about this very issue...


Texas Government Code:
§ 556.005. Employment of Lobbyist

(a) A state agency may not use appropriated money to employ, as a regular full-time or part-time or contract employee, a person who is required by Chapter 305 to register as a lobbyist. Except for an institution of higher education as defined by Section 61.003, Education Code, a state agency may not use any money under its control to employ or contract with an individual who is required by Chapter 305 to register as a lobbyist.

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Anonymous said...

Why do I think nothing will ever come of this blatant admission of having broken the law by the head of TxDOT?

It seems like an amazaing admission for him to make, but this incident will just be used and abused to make certain people be perceived a certain way.

Accountability and justice ?

Fuhgiddaboudit !