Gov. Perry Calls Texans "Dunces"

Gov. Perry thinks you are an Idiot.

Polls have shown Texans are against diverting highway funds to pay for more toll roads, as well as the TTC land grab.

During the eulogy for Ric Williamson, at a Weatherford High School auditorium, Perry took a moment to slam Texans and call us "Dunces" (which means dumbass) since we oppose the TxDOT Road, Tax, Debt and Land corporate give away program:
“When a genius comes into the world, you will know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him,” Perry recited. “Jonathan Swift didn’t know Ric Williamson, but he pegged him.
The unabridged dictionary describes the word "dunce" as "A dull witted, stupid or ignorant person".

You gotta love that Mr. 39%.

Well, you don't actually.

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Porkus Maximus Tex: said...

I doubt 39% ever read Jonathan Swift. Perry should read 'A Modest Proposal.'

The satirical essay, written by Swift in 1729, suggests that the poor starving Irish eat their own children .

I think the Guv would enjoy it--without getting the satire.