Houston-Galveston Area Council officials discuss TTC concerns

Many see a lack of benefits in the TTC for their communities, says this Sealy News article.


Anonymous said...

I am so sick of our government ignoring our needs! It just NEVER stops, and they always want more money!

Anonymous said...

I think it is WAY past time that the county officials that are in the path of this NAFTA highway just say NO, and do whatever is necessary to stop it, period ! Unless TXDOT can prove how in the hell this monolith dedicated to King Perry is going to help transportation problems in their area, they should go straight to "you know where". If they can use or widen the existing right of ways with minimal impact, that may be better. But, the FACT remains that a Corridor that grabs a huge chunk of land and does not have entry and exit points that make sense to the community should NOT be built. If someone examines the effect it would have on people living near the corridor (in the majority of cases), it will be devastating. If this were a traditional (access roads, exits, entrances, etc.), the whole picture would change. Instead of property losing value along the roadway, in most cases it would improve in value. What they propose is a disaster ready to happen, except for NAFTA traffic. Sure, you can adjust to just about anything negative, but why not do it right and benefit all concerned. I am amazed at how one man's vision is not seriously questioned and modified to something that makes sense. Only in dictatorships does this happen, and maybe we are already there ! Where are our representatives and congressmen to stop this nightmare? Perry's dream has become everyone's nightmare. TxDOT sees dollar signs and they are preoccupied with that. All the crooks sure aren't in jail !

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see passenger trains between austin, houston, dallas, and san antonio. BUT, knowing that the TTC is going to bypass the major cities, what sense does it make to include passenger rail in the plan? Passenger train stations in the middle of nowhere make no sense. If you have to drive 100 miles from Houston to BFE to get to the train station you might as well continue driving to your final destination. In Europe, passenger rail stations are in every major city within the pedestrian district. Trains truly are more convenient than driving or flying. With the TTC, what am I supposed to do? Walk 100 miles to the station? Or get there on a mule? WTF?