Texas Representative Pickett Slams "Double taxation, growing government, double talk." RMAs

As one of the most outspoken Representatives in Texas, Rep. Joe Pickett has been fighting TxDOT for years, which he has said uses threats and bribes to promote Regional Mobility Authorities across the state (I call them Freeway Tolling Authorities, Pickett has called them mini-TxDOTs). Today, Rep. Pickett has this article in the El Paso Times:

El Paso just doesn't need RMA project

By Rep. Joe C. Pickett

Who needs an RMA?

No one needs the Paso Del Norte Regional Mobility Authority. Double taxation, growing government, double talk.

The Inner Loop is, and was, the focus of the local Transportation Policy Board and Metropolitan Planning Organization's (MPO) most important project.

The Texas Department of Transportation's (TxDOT) most important project was tolling a route through Downtown.

The RMA means less money for construction; they make money from selling the bonds and your city tax dollars are involved too.

Quicker time? No way.

TxDOT and the back-door dealings in El Paso used the Inner Loop to try and trade votes for support of tolls.

TxDOT went against what is in the legislation and policies regarding projects like this and took more than twice the time to get it going.

The Northeast Parkway is moving because of new legislation. No major city in the entire state of Texas wants, or is planning, an RMA.

Why not? Not needed.

It is all political. Those who stand to benefit control the RMA, not just money, but prestige and power.

You have a voice on the MPO, you have no say on the RMA.

Beware the RMA!

Joe C. Pickett is a state representative from District 79.

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