800+ People Show Up to Give TxDOT Hell Last Night About TTC

More than 800 people packed a meeting hall in Hempstead last night for a public meeting on the Trans-Texas Corridor (TTC-69). KHOU article and video, "Opposition to Trans-Texas Corridor growing" is HERE.

Last night, TxDOT commish Ted Houghton claimed the meeting with opposition is unique. Was he sleeping through the 2006 hearings for TTC-35?


Anonymous said...

This gives me flashbacks to the TTC-35 hearings, but glad the public is getting involved and speaking out. I just don't understand - "What part of NO does TxDOT not understand". Citizens are finally picking up on the idea that (in the vast majority of cases) this corridor will not help them, and quite the opposite is true. Who, and I wish someone would come forward, will benefit from being near the corridor? It is not unlike being next the railroad tracks of olden days. Couldn't get on or off, yet the train interrupted flow of traffic. But, big difference is that the trains went by once in a while, the corridor will be 24 hrs 7 days of noisy nuisance. For Houghton to say that if they (Texas Transportation Commission) would not agree with Perry there would be "hell to pay" is an example of a dictatorship, not a democracy. What makes the TTC such a great idea ? Because Perry thought of it ? The next election can't come too soon.

Tim said...

This comment from Ted Houghton at the Hempstead meeting:
"The road does not go to Mexico. It stops in Brownsville and Laredo."
This is why I trust these guys so much.