UPDATE: TxDOT Executive Director, With Ties to Indicted, To Resign Within the Year, Says Source.

(l-r) TxDOT Executive Director Amadeo Saenz,
and Chano Falcon (one of three TxDOT employees being
investigated by the FBI for bribery charges).

Over a month ago (4/11/08) I posted a blog article with the "resign" headline above HERE. Usually readers make comments in the first few days and then the comments die down. But this article has seen a lot of comments weeks after it was posted. Please check it out.

There is a LOT of corruption within TxDOT. Here's an article I did about TxDOT Engineer, Bob Daigh's close relationship with convicted criminal Pete Peters.


Anonymous said...


Have you asked yourself the bribes these employees took from highway products manufactures to have their products intall on Texas Highwyas, just a TOUGH.

Anonymous said...

Hierarchy will always protect themselves. It's a self survival mechanism.

Anonymous said...

As a 20 year employee of TxDOT I had always been proud of this organization. I have not always agreed with all their decisions but that was to be expected. Since the appointment of Ric Williamson I along with the majority of TxDOT employees I come in contact with have become increasingly embarrassed by the Commission and Administration in Austin. Buy in large each of the 25 district offices around the state work diligently to provide the day to day services to our local clients. After listening to the Sunset Commission meeting of the 15th I can only say BRAVO and ask why wasn't their resignation asked for then.

The latest thing TxDOT is trying to do is implement a new level of burocracy hiding behind the title of “Regionization” this plan will create 2 new levels of supervisors and move employee\service support from the districts to Houston, Lubbock, Dallas and San Antonio. We are told this plan is to aid in being more transparent and effective.

There are many areas in which the day to day operations can improve but hiding behind 2 new levels of this organization is no way to do it.

Please forgive my anonymity. I love and respect this organization and I believe when allowed to we provide a level of service to the public second to none. It is my hope that this organization can rise above this current mess our administration has driven us to.