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Anonymous said...

Hey Sal,

Check out HNTB's website if you haven't already. I looked at the career page for TX and it appears that they are staffing for some large transportation projects. Hmmmm............

Peter Stern said...


The only oversight TxDOT has --- the only ones who have SOME authority over the agency is the Texas Legislature!!!

That stated, why the hell aren't legislators banging on TxDOT's door demanding it to change for the community's best interests?

The people of Texas need to bang on the doors of their elected officials and demand changes!!!

Without doing this there will be no positive transportation changes here in Texas.

Perry needs to go. If he wins again in 2010 the people of Texas deserves the fate of special interest politics.


Anonymous said...

Barry McCaffrey from HTNB has been accused of war crimes in the first Gulf War and is one of the unbiased propaganda pushers used by the Bush Administration (as disclosed in an April 2008 NY Times article).