TxDOT is a Mother...

...hey, it's Mothers day weekend!

Many people will be traveling this weekend. Some will drive out of town to visit mom or granny, some will take mom and family to a restaurant to celebrate, basically a whole lot of traveling will take place.
And, it's commencement weekend for graduates at Texas State University.

We all know the arrogant, ignorant lumbering Frankenstein called TxDOT is not the smartest agency on the block.

Well, TxDOT decided to close up a section of I-35 in Central Texas, one of the most traveled stretches of highway in Texas — from last night (Friday) till Monday morning to do some work. This work is so they can open up a new toll on 45S. Yup, on Mother's Day weekend. Real smart.

UPDATE 5/11: TxDOT only did half the shutdown, which ended before midnight Sat. TxDOT says it was because they were behind schedule.


Anonymous said...

Someone should lose their job over this. It's just absolutly rediculous, that of all weekends that a major roadway gets shut down for TOLL construction, Tens of Thousands of people are trying to make it to San Marcos. Ask the fine people of Kileen, who's construction of the free widening of I-35 that has been stopped due to lack of TxDot funds, but they have the money to continue Toll road construction, and on top of that, they dont even care about the citizens that are suppose to use it. Arrogent Bastards!

Anonymous said...

Killeenites also have to deal with the sudden halt of widening SH195 since TXDOT announced late last year that they ran out of money. Which of couse is just a blatant lie and retaliation for the toll road moratorium.

SH195, which is a major highway for the military base of Fort Hood to access the Interstate, has been under construction for almost 10 years now and it's still not even half completed. Absolutely sickening!!!