Perry's Pick To Run TxDOT Has NO Transportation and NO Business Experience!

Geez. Gov. Rick Perry has no shame. His new pick to govern TxDOT, old political pal Deirdre Delisi, has NO transportation experience and NO Business experience. None. Nada. Zilch. Maybe she drives to work, other than that, she's got nothing.

TxDOT just posted Deirdre Delisi's bio on the TxDOT website, and it's thinner than onion paper. The bio says she has "international policy studies" and "political science" degrees from Duke and Stanford and experience in political campaigns as well as government.

So, the head of our grand state of Texas transportation agency, in charge of Billions of our tax dollars, has NO transportation background. What's next? Maybe Perry's next appointment for a Texas agency will be Captain Crunch?

But, Sen. Kirk Watson, Gov. Perry's partner in freeway tolls crime, said he believes Delisi, 35 years old, has the substance to do the job.


Anonymous said...

What did you expect? Competence to do the job has never been a prerequisite for Tricky Ricky. He's only looking for yes men and water boys, and on that criteria, I'm sure Delisi will do just fine.

David Rogers said...

Giant transportation agency with multi-billion dollar budget. Is it too much to ask for someone with expertise in transportation? Or maybe accounting? Or economics? Or SOMETHING vaguely related to the job?

I guess kissing Good Hair's ring is good enough.

Sycophancy--it's not just a big word--it's a way of life (or at least a way of getting fat government perks).

Anonymous said...

I wonder what Kirk's payoff was to drop his opposition? I'm sure we will find out soon enough...

Anonymous said...

"Perry's Pick To Run TxDOT Has NO Transportation Experience!"

This is not true. She has plenty of experience. She knows how to shutup and do as she's told. The 2basic requirements to be a Perry henchman.

Anonymous said...

What's Kirk's payoff to drop his opposition? Answer: He gets his money from TXDOT (for the 5 new Toll Roads in Austin) that was yanked out from under him a month after he voted YES to the Phase II TIP. He was seriously pissed about TXDOT saying it had no money back in November after he put his political ass on the line for his special interest, big-money, Take On Traffic pals. Now I'm sure 'ol Deidre Delisi promised him the cash so he'd give her the go ahead...after all, doesn't he really want the same things as Rick Perry? Kirk Watson = Republican in a Democratic disguise.

Anonymous said...

Curious if anyone has bothered to look in to the fact that deidre delisi is the daughter of rep. diane white delisi, who coincidentally represents a district that the ttc will run through top to bottom? Interesting that rep. delisi is retiring at the end of the year and she's spent years passing rick perry's lege agenda no holds bar, and what greater favor can you do a rich, powerful political family than an appointment? she stayed squeaky clean through the hole trmpac scandal, even when her son was in bed with karl rove. who knows what she's getting away with as we speak. that whole family has been buttering their bread on both sides for 10 years:


someday I hope enough people will get so tired of politicos making money in politics at the expense of the liberty of their constituents that they'll do something about it, like start shooting, for example.