Toll Road balloons an additional $100 million!

In Dallas, last night at 10, WFAA-Channel 8 ran a good story on the growing delays in the Trinity River toll road timeline.

According to Mayor Tom Leppert’s own metric for the cost of delays, the toll road price has already ballooned an additional $100 million, the report said. Completion is at least a year behind what Leppert promised during the campaign for last year’s referendum says Unfair Park.

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Anonymous said...

another reason Cintra shouldn't own our toll roads.

If they do, the toll prices are linked to the exchange rate between the dollar and the Euro. At least if our own freeloading do-nothing government officials own it, we're not going to pay more because the dollar has weakened.

Conversely, the weaker dollar SHOULD scare away Cintra. US citizens have to pay with dollars and if the dollar isn't worth much, WHY KEEP PUSHING TO MONOPOLIZE OUR INFRASTRUCTURE? I wish they'd go away. And the article notes they're complaining about improvements in the Dan Ryan cutting into Chicago Skyway traffic. You BET Cintra will complain when there's improvements in I35 too. Or when people start taking the train or light rail instead of driving. No wonder they invest in Texas... we have no choice but to drive here and our oil slicked politicians want to keep it that way. In Europe there are trains everywhere and many people don't drive. I would love to see our developer lobby pull its head out of its ass and push for monorail instead of toll roads. They'd be smart to- the property they build would be worth more if we could get to it easier and toll roads make it harder.