EXCLUSIVE: Rep. Speaks Out About TTC Being Killed In Next Session

I just received a surprising email from State Rep. Leo Berman of District 6 this morning.

The email could be the first sign that the Ledge is finally serious about killing Gov. Rick Perry's TTC Land Grab. The Ledge also needs to stop the unaccountable double tax of TxDOT using our tax dollars to shift our public freeways to tollways.

Rep. Berman says he and Sen. Kevin Eltife are working together to stop the TTC. Watch the video from last year, with Sen. Eltife saying, "I think we've created a monster at TxDOT".

Rep. Berman is the chair of the House Elections Committee and a member of the House Government Reform Committee. Below is the email Rep. Berman sent me at 8:25am, in response to the email I sent him (and other Ledge members this morning), to announce my "silver bullet" post on this blog.

Mr. Costello:

A number of legislators are committed to killing the TTC next session. Sen. Kevin Eltife and I have gone public with that commitment. Both of us will work hard toward that end.

Leo Berman
State Rep. District 6


Anonymous said...

Finally a politician willing to publicly stand up against the TTC and TXDOT.

Anonymous said...

Good start, but I won't be happy until the words Trans Texas Corridor are never uttered by another Texas politician (unless to recant how supporting it destroyed their political career).
I say "full steam ahead" with the 391 Commissions and we'll fight 'em until Hell freezes over and then fight 'em on the ice.

Mike Mc said...

Wow, I think this might be a step in the right direction for once. Hopefully Perry will bow down gracefully like he did when the uproar from his mandatory HPV vaccine came under scrutiny. Unfortunately, I think that the looting Kirk Watson, Will Wynn, and the rest of the TROLLS won't give up without a fight.

I salute you Leo Berman...

Anonymous said...

Perry wont step down on this. He has too much money in his pockets that people would expect back if their interests aren't met

Anonymous said...

No the toll lobby has infinite money and grease for the sausage-making wheels and an infinite lack of morals and concern for the long term health of the United States to match. They won't back down so easily. But we will continue to fight and we can win!

Anonymous said...

Honestly what we need to do is convince the development lobby that monorail will increase the value of their overbuilt properties more than toll roads will. And convince the business community of this as well. Only when they see the light- their own pockets will be fuller with monorail, will they stand up to Cintra. They just don't see the light yet. Tolls benefit nobody but Cintra and Zachary. They do NOT benefit the housing developers unless they developers get a piece of the direct tolling revenue which I don't see possible. Developers need to sell property and why would anyone buy in BFE if the only way to get into town is a $10 toll each way? I certainly wouldn't. I only would if there were a rail system. They have rail in Chicago and people take it all the time from the suburbs to downtown. With increasing gas prices and the annoyance of congestion, and the carrot of free wireless onboard, developers should be supporting rail with all of their energy and opposing tolls too. There's plenty of pork in government and always will be. At least if it's spent on rail we the people get something forever- an alternative to driving. With tolls we the people get screwed forever.

Porkus Maximus Tex: said...

We've heard this kind of talk before....

Let's not forget that both Berman and Eltife voted FOR the TTC back in 2003.

Thier bosses, Craddick and Dewhurst, have allowed even more TTC-enabling legislation during Legislative Sessions in 2005 and 2007--and they caved to 39% Perry's veto threats.

These same people (and their lobbyist buddies) will be back for another legislative session in 2009.

Any criminologist will tell you the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. Their past behavior gives me little confidence.

We need to form as many 391 Commissions as we can --and as soon as possible.

Our milquetoast Senators and Representatives can bloviate as much as they like. They have shown they lack the backbone to stand up and fight for us.

We have no choice but to fight for ourselves, and this is one way we can do it.

Sal Costello Sal@TexasTollParty.com said...


I agree 100%, but at the same time, I think I'd rather have them come out, than not.

A little hope that they might do the right thing can't hurt....as long as we keep fighting.