Missouri: Citizen kills five at city council meeting

The City Council in suburban Kirkwood, Mo., had just finished the Pledge of Allegiance...when a citizen, who was fed up with his elected "representatives", burst into the meeting room and opened fire, shouting "Shoot the mayor!"

From the LA Times:

Thornton's brother, Gerald, told local television station KMOV that he saw justification for the bloodshed. "My brother went to war tonight with the people and government that were putting torment and strife into his life, and he ended it," Gerald Thornton said. "I'm OK with it."
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Anonymous said...

Politicians prefer unarmed peasants........

Anonymous said...

The biased tolling results of CAMPO (Watson), CTRMA (Heilingenstein), and TxDOT (Daigh, Perry, et alii) ignoring the vast majority of constituent inputs seems to be steering local citizenry towards similar tragedy.