Rick Perry's 'Highway Henchwoman'

Another good article today... This time about Gov. Rick Perry's new pick for governing TxDOT, Deirdre Delisi, from The Houson Chronicle. My favorite snip that boils it all down happens to have come out of my mouth:

"She has zero transportation experience. Maybe she drives to work, but that's about it," said Sal Costello, who founded TexasTollParty.com to oppose the way tollways were planned under Perry.

"This is an agency that deals with billions of our tax dollars for transportation, and this person has no experience. That's frightening. What she does bring to the table is she's Gov. Perry's highway henchwoman."
Delisi also has zero business experience. But that doesn't stop our corrupt politicos from going along with such an unexperienced person running TxDOT. Sen Kirk Watson, who has sided with Gov. Perry in the past on toll tax schemes, approves of Delisi. Sen Hegar and others have said NO.


Peter Stern said...

I don't know if you and your readers heard Delisi speak about the concern that she's Perry's "Yes" person.

She said that Perry does NOT hire "Yes" people. Ha-ha-ha!

Even if I didn't know anything about Delisi, she would have lost me after hearing THAT one!

Hear her "nonsense" at:



Anonymous said...

Well I have to say keep up the good work. As long as someone is willing to speak out to educate the ignorant masses atleast all hope won't be lost.

Sal Costello Sal@TexasTollParty.com said...

Peter's link was cut off.

Here it is:

Folks, use tinyurl.com to make links shorter.


Anonymous said...

You are right, no Transportation experience. Sure, she knows the legde, she should.

Its funny. she couldnt get a job with a single contrator that will be working on this stuff, but yet she will be over the agency that rules them all.

Does she try to hide the fact that Slick Rick's hand is up her, I mean, working her strings to be the puppet she is?

Sal Costello Sal@TexasTollParty.com said...

She couldn't get a job with contractors? Post another comment and tell us more..or email me at sal at texastollparty dot com