TxDOT rolls out 'policy' PR stunt to deflect criticism of CDAs

By Ben Wear, Austin American-Statesman

Non-compete clauses for tollways would be a non-starter under a policy the Texas Transportation Commission will consider Thursday.

Such language in toll road contracts, which generally prohibit a toll road owner (such as the Texas Department of Transportation) from building or expanding a nearby free road, or require compensation for doing so, have been controversial in Texas and elsewhere. TxDOT’s contract with Cintra-Zachry, a Spanish and American consortium that will build and operate a southern section of Texas 130, requires TxDOT to pay up if it makes certain highway improvements within 10 miles of the road.

The commission Thursday will consider approving a “minute order” (what TxDOT calls its version of ordinances) prohibiting “any limitations or prohibitions on improvements needed to existing or future highways.”

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Anonymous said...

A rattlesnake bite is venomous whether or not one hears any expected hiss or rattle. TxDOT, CTRMA, CAMPO have all earned their untrustworthiness. Vigilance of these self-serving special interests toll proponents must be warily maintained. Their past promises and subsequent actions have been contradictory to the detriment of constituent tax-payers while profitting political cronies.

Anonymous said...

This is meaningless verbage. After all, experience has taught us when their lips are moving, they must be lying. It could only be believable after TXdot as we know it has been dismantled.

Anonymous said...

Funny. I was going to post a "when their lips are moving they're lying" statement but you beat me to it! Who would believe these bastards. They're already lying because Cintra owns 130. It's a PPP.