T. Boone Pickens Is The Master, You Are The Serf

With the Texas Legislature's help, "T. Boone Pickens essentially created a public utility, giving him the power of eminent domain." Read about HERE.

Now a new article from North Texas....

Mesa: Picken's rep said
mogul's ‘desire to be fair'

By DAVID BOWSER, The Pampa News

CHILDRESS - Boone Pickens has a public relations problem.

About 120 people crowded into the Childress Fair Park Auditorium here this month for a town hall meeting with a handful of state legislators in response to a series of meetings Pickens' Roberts County Fresh Water Supply District No. 1 and Mesa Power are holding in connection with their plan to buy up a right-of-way from the Texas Panhandle to the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex for a water pipeline and power transmission lines. But significantly, Ray Floyd of Collingsworth County voiced a comment at the Childress meeting that others mentioned while waiting for the meeting to start.

“The way it was presented to me was very offensive,” Floyd said.

He said if Pickens had approached the people here differently, it could have helped everyone.

“It looks like it is for his benefit only,” Floyd said.

A number of people commented that when they went to one of Mesa's meetings, Pickens wasn't there.

When State Sen. Robert Duncan asked the people crowded into the auditorium here if the legislators present should support Mesa's project, nary a hand was raised. When he asked if the lawmakers should oppose it, almost everyone raised their hand. Some raised two hands.

The other problem at the meeting was that while most everybody agreed that the wind power project was good, transporting water from the Texas Panhandle was outrageous. No one wanted to talk about eminent domain. They only wanted to talk about sending Panhandle water to Dallas.

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