Krusee Keeps Moving

By Elise Hu, KVUE Political Reporter

Look who I spotted in the parking lot of my ex-gym, Castle Hill Fitness?

It's SO-113, otherwise known as State Rep. Mike Krusee, R-Round Rock. Krusee, as you may recall, was charged with DWI last week and spent a night in the pokey. (He did not take a breathalyzer test, which is what most DWI attorneys -- and liberatarians - advise.)


While awaiting a court date, he's still driving -- and apparently stayin' in shape. (Castle Hill trainers give you an excellent workout.) I called Krusee after spotting his car, because a source who first spotted him wondered whether he should still be driving:

Him: Hey, it's Krusee.
Me: Hey, how are ya! Um... I mean.. uh... [awkwardly stammering].
Him: No, no, I'm doing good.
Me: So, can you still drive?
Him: Jason [his attorney] said to refer everything to him, I could answer ya, but Jason said to tell people to call him.

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Anonymous said...

Is his registration up to date yet?