TxDOT Cuts Down, Mulches Historic Tree By Mistake

A TxDOT crew removed and mulched a 100+ year old Pecan tree, on a road named after the historic tree, "Pecan Tree Road", in Forreston TX. The community is devestated by TxDOT's error (and the TxDOT finger pointing begins) according to the Waxahachie Daily Light:

“Is it going to be Pecan Stump Road now?” said Jeff Browning of Waxahachie, who said he was shocked when he saw a crew taking the tree down.
In the real world, people get fired over something like this. But at Gov. Rick Perry's TxDOT, they can steal your land, toll freeways, tear down historic markers, and even make a $1 Billion dollar accounting error, and not a soul is EVER, EVER fired.


Anonymous said...

get a rope

Anonymous said...

So, what do you expect from them? They do what they want. The whole upper echelon needs to be gone. When we are talking about private firms doing our roads, I think we may as well contract out the management portion of TxDOT too. Lack of accountability and greed - the recipe for disaster. That explains our state government.

Anonymous said...

I just paid hundreds of dollars to have my trees maintained. If some bozo would have done this to my tree, the next they heard from me would be from my attorney. If the trees on our little 1/4 acre lots are so important, I can imagine how much more value this tree should hold. Someone needs to be prosecuted.