Why Toll Tax Our Public Highways - When we Have a $10.7 Billion Surplus?

This just in, Comptroller Susan Combs says we have a $10.7 Billion dollar surplus here in Texas. So why are we toll taxing our freeways?


Anonymous said...

Shhhh. Perry will steal that too!!

Anonymous said...

Slick Rick kept touting Texas' budget surplus during his reelection campaign. Afterwards he didn't seem to mention it again. Then TXDOT, who he controls, says they're out of money. It's a damn shame this state doesn't allow for governor recalls. Time is running short for all these criminals in office.

Peter Stern said...

Well, evidently legislators needed another "slush fund" in order to take money from it and divert it to other special interests --- as they do with the infamous gasoline tax and others.

How in the "Wide, Wide World of Politics" can you justify contibutions to education via gas taxes that were slated for building and maintaining our roadways --- and then freeze them for the past decade????