Sen. Hegar: “No” on Perry's TxDOT Appointment of Delisi

Delisi Appointment maintains Status Quo at TxDOT

Sunset Advisory Commission Vice Chair
says he is a “NO” vote on Delisi

The following commentary about Governor Perry’s appointment of Deirdre Delisi as chair of the Texas Transportation Commission was just received from Senator Glenn Hegar’s office. The e-mail describes the piece as an “Op-Ed,” although it is not currently scheduled for publication, according to Hegar’s office.

by Senator Glenn Hegar

Austin, Texas—On Wednesday, Texas Governor Rick Perry announced he had appointed Deirdre Delisi, his former Chief of Staff, as the new Chairman of the Texas Transportation Commission, which oversees the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT). As of today, I will not vote to confirm her appointment in the next Legislative session.

Ask almost any Texan, especially those who have the need to travel frequently on US Interstate Highway 35, about our Texas transportation system and they will tell you that many of our roads have extreme congestion, while other construction projects have experienced significant cost overruns. Last year, TxDOT notified the public that they had experienced a billion dollar accounting error, spent millions of dollars in an effort to persuade Texans that we need to pursue the proposed Tran-Texas Corridor even though the Legislature had just passed a two-year moratorium on public-private agreements....

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Anonymous said...

It's obvious that Rick Perry has sold his soul to Satan for financial and political security.

A thought- could it be that Perry was promised the govenorship once again for pursuing the TTC for the Bilderburg (sp) group? It would not surprise me at all. Perry has no ethics.

Anonymous said...

Perry hasn't sold his soul to Satan...He IS Satan !