Record Gas Prices Are Coming

Your "Marriage" With Gas Prices,
Gov. Perry, Sen. Watson and Their
Double Tax Freeway Tolls.

Oil hit $130 a barrel for the first time yesterday, experts say oil could hit $200 a barrel by 2010. Compare that to $28 a barrel in 2004.

Skyrocketing oil prices means YOUR gas prices will be even higher in the weeks and months to come. Some experts say gas prices will hit $8.00 a gallon, as we look ahead.

Skyrocketing gas prices equal even more bad news for YOUR FAMILY and Gov. Rick Perry and Sen. Kirk Watson's double tax freeway tolls, which futures are financially fused together. But Perry and Watson could care less.

The San Antonio Express came out with an article last year that tells why high gas-prices negatively effect the prospects of more toll roads. The feasibility of all toll roads are based on traffic and revenue projections, which are tied to gas prices.

The Traffic and Revenue projections for SH 130 toll road is based on the assumption that motor fuel will remain in "adequate supply and motor fuel prices will not exceed $2.50 per gallon".

130 toll failed to meet it's 1st year projection by over $11 million dollars reported the Statesman. Who do you think pays for a failed toll road? Look in the mirror. Who do you think still makes a profit? Yup, the banks that floated the BILLIONS of debt.

Many folks are having a hard time affording $4.00 a gallon, and less folks will be able to afford $8 a gallon. It is time to sell your SUV, and move closer to your work.

Just a couple of months ago the Energy Watch Group put out a report that states that the worlds oil supply peaked in 2006, and production will start to decline at a rate of several percent per year. That means gas prices will only rise, and in the months ahead, you'll be thinking of the good old days when gas only cost $4.00 a gallon.

Hell, when the real shit comes down in the years ahead, Gov. Perry and Sen. Watson will be out of office, sitting on an island somewhere enjoying time with their family and the security of tons of money in the bank.

Read this article from The Australian Newspaper:

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Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, 130 failed to meet it's first years projections by 11 milion and we are stuck with the check. My question is when will more people see this and put a stop to the rest of the double tax trolls plan to toll us to pull out of our driveways.

I must say I hope that the prospects of $8.00 per gallon gas are just talk. However; at the current price I am dipping into savings all the time to keep up. I live less than 10 miles from work and do not need to get on any highway or sit in any type of heavy traffic. Oh and I ride a cheap motorcycle. The problem is I have a disabled spouse that can not work and has had numerous surgeries. So, we live on one income in a primarily middle class neighborhood. If the current gas prices are affecting me this bad now I think at $8.00 a gallon and tolls everywhere we will be screwed. Thanks Perry, Watson and all the rest of you crapmunching double tax trolls.

Anonymous said...

It would be nice if our government would just default on these payment and say screw you to Cintra. The US has a stronger military so there's no way they'd invade. Intentionally defaulting would make Cintra leave our country alone. However I wouldn't count on this because our government pays the losing bidder millions. Our government likes to piss away money- citizens money.

Anonymous said...

Is there any way for a recall vote on Perry? Something similar to what California did to Gray Davis? What about for Watson? When is he up for reelection?

Sal Costello Sal@TexasTollParty.com said...

You cannot recall State elected leaders in Texas. The law makers don't allow it.

What a scam.

Anonymous said...

Scam isn't the word. I tend to say they are scum...

Anonymous said...

And through it all, the shysters that are pushing this troll toll will not pay any tolls themselves ! At some point, enough is enough, period. It force has to be used to stop this crap, so be it. Just how much crap will the public put up with? Too many good people fought and many died to make this the great country that it is. The jackasses that are tearing it down are not responsible. We are. We elected our "representatives", so now we have to unelect them ! Gotta turn up the heat on all the elected reps that are waiting around for a slice of the tollway pie. Traffic on our highways is going to go down once people realize that this outragous fuel cost is for real. And for the idiots that are pushing the toll roads and faster speed so Texas can get more up front money from Cintra, are we trying to save fuel or burn it up sooner? Pres. Bush should drop the speed limit to 55 ASAP.

Anonymous said...

Perry is a highway robber lieu leader.

Anonymous said...

55mph vs 65mph doesn't necessarily mean better mileage all the time. If you're going down a hill while already going 55 and you put the brakes on you're wasting gas. Coasting would have been better. A 55mph speed limit on I35 may (on the flat portions) or may not (on the hilly portions) increase drivers' mileage. Also, every car has a different "sweet spot" for mileage and it's related to engine RPM and aerodynamics. Find out what your car's efficiency curve is on the net.